July 12th, 2003


Skip equals 300

So, offline for more than a week, but back now ...

Phone is still off, but email seems to be working (170 something).

All of your new upics look great.

And, lo and behold, I have now officially had pointless pseudonymous comments on my LJ. I feel so special. Thank you, whomever you are.

Just give me a minute to recharge some batteries and read 300 entires and 150 emails.

Maybe you better just come back later, then.

Then: Slogged through emails and LJ posts, and dashing off the last few ill-conceived comments now.. Oh, and minor notes. Poverty is headed towards insolvency: The hard drive on the iBook is growling again, the clutch on the truck is slipping and apparently some alleged lawyer collector called this week. Oh, and the bank account is overdrawn by $4.43 USD due to the $5/month billpay service. Best go give them my six bucks and shut off BillPay. Whee.

Just now: via mfalcon And then the hardrive on the Mac gave out. Anybody with a spare notebook HDD and/or a t-20 torx bit is welcome to swing by the house. Good thing we got cable last week. ;/ Talk to y'all, er, someday, I guess.
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