May 22nd, 2003


Memo to

Dear ____,

We're friends. We have been friends for some time (Who knows, maybe I'm one of your closest friends?) You have a large family and many friends, and a network of acquaintances that boggles the mind. None of this is a problem, per se.

People ask you to do things, and you agree. You want to help them. You agree to too many things, and you try to book some paying work as well (Generally, a good thing..). You overcommit your resources of time and money, and then you cannot follow through on your offers of help. Not only does this not help, but it irritates people. As you try to stretch your time and money farther to compensate for, and avoid this, it all gets worse. You end up getting very little done beyond pissing off your friends and family, who were counting on you for whatever they asked you to help them with.

You need to start saying no to people who ask you to do things you cannot do. To do this you are going to have to incorporate into your being a sense of your own limitations, and you've avoided doing that thus far in your life. Once you know what you are capable of in a given span, with calculations made for emergencies that disrupt the best laid plans, then you can actively volunteer to help with things that you can do.

Start saying no to people more often (including me).



Recurring dream throughout the day.. wake,sleep,wake,sleep..

Themes include:
going to see The Matrix
at a digital projection theatre
sitting in the second row
large people causing visual problems
the projection booth geek having the thingamajig on the wrong channel for the first five minutes
watching some indy animation show
*click* into the middle of the first scene
me calling for a show of hands on bailing

and waking..

It was apparently a big group of us who went together, although the only identity I can recall is Flute ..

So, yeah, apparently I dreamed about all of your recent LJ posts. Well, not all ...