May 8th, 2003


Mac Clones, anyone?

CoreCrib Dual 1000 Computer for $1499.99

* CoreCrib Fully Assebled System
* G4 Dual 1000Mhz 2MB cache
* 512MB Memory
* 52x CD-RW
* 80GB Harddrive
* Geforce4MX 32MB ADC DVI and DVI-> VGA Adapter
* 2 Firewire, 2 USB Ports, 10/10/1000 Ethernet, Audio in/out
* Front Firewire, 2xUSB and Audio OUT
* Just Add keyboard, mouse, and OS
* ATA, Power Cable and Fans/Heatsink are included.
Just plug in, add keyboard/mouse, boot from OS Install CD and install your OS. No hardware Installation!

Start at and explore :) They'll sell you a tower barebones kit with or without processors, starting at ~$ 400 USD *bg*

A dual G4 for $1500 !

On a more serious note, my FAFSA was, processed and SAR sent out to schools. My EFC: 0000. Yay! Now that the Federal gov't has proof of my abject poverty I will get cool free stuff like .. food stamps or something, right? Right? *cricket chirp*
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