April 24th, 2003


Movie Night

In celebration of the semiannual Festival of Half-Price Chocolate, we bought a few pounds of yummies and rented three movies I'd somehow not yet seen. bheansidhe
sat behind me and played with my hair while I watched, in order:

Big Trouble: This really very funny movie is based on Dave Barry's first fiction work (the novel). Although I had not read the novel, the movie was funny from one end to the other. Bonuses include a skinny Jeanne Garafallo in a cop suit, Tim Allen being funny (!).

Secretary: An independant film many of you probably know about already. Although I heard about it, and even expressed interest, I had not seen it, in part because this is one you really have to be careful who you see it with.
Mature subject matter. Brilliant performances by all in a combination af, enticing, cathartic, vicariously painful, and fulfilling scenes. Really a movie more people should see (if only they could handle it). My only trouble was identifing too much with the protagonist in large stretches of the story.

High Fidelity: A funny movie with some romantic bits, this guy-who-owns-a-record-store-movie-to-end-all-such ... hits close to home for all geeks, not just vinyl otaku. Jack Black fans, well, they've already seen it. Funny, but will have you screaming at the f*cking idjut protagonist as he makes several acute tactical errors.

I am still working my way though Broken Saints, the web-graphic novel manga Flash thingy originally pointed out by not_hothead_yet. Go start now. Once you watch a chapter or two, you'll be hooked, and as a bonus you can watch the crosspollination of "web media" and "graphics arts". (I'm on Chp 12, I think). I also started, but have not finished Siddharta, Herman Hesse's fanciful biography of Gotama. He fill in details like his best friends name, and his relationship with his father, giving a richness to the story that it has lacked in some telling.
(S. has joined a society of aesthics, as he begins his journeys)