April 7th, 2003


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The Laughing Corpse and Circus of the Damned: Laurel Hamilton (yes both of them, back to back even) (paperback) Fun. Still not far enough along in the series to participate in the growing flamewar ;)

The Alchemist and At the Mountains of Madness: H. P. Lovecraft,
via http://www.cthuugle.com/ I need to do a lot of Lovecraft reading, as I am almost without experience in it..

looked over but have much left to read of both Adventure: Tales of the Aeon Society and Exalted (White Wolf). Both have beautiful page layout and book design, and nifty interesting backstory, as expected from the local Mac-happy game publishers. Adventure was particularly impressive for going more than a humdred pages of background stories, clippings, and letters before mentioning a game, or stats or any of that rot. Go pick up a copy of Adventure from WW's online store or a local retailer. It is (was?) subject to the 6.66 sale, and is well worth the purchase price for the stories (including one by Warren Ellis) ... Exalted seems like a power-gamer's paradise .. I don't know yet as I've much more to read ;)

Oh, and while y'all are concentrating on the police brutality locally, the Administration is saying they may have killed the leader of Iraq and two of his sons. Unconfirmed.

Pass the Victory Gin?