April 6th, 2003



Well, it's done. I am not (yet?) at liberty to disclose the identity of the victims, but I performed a major ritual today. Which is a bit odd since I can't do parlour tricks, much less anything fancy...

Who'd've thought there be so much furniture moving at such a thing? I'm sore. I definitely need to recalculate the rates for that (Currently no rates at all). And it seems I have a strong sense of duty (dharma). It's one explanation for why I ended up helping move furniture, serve dinner, and such. To put it terms of a hacker ethic:

"If you see a problem, you know how to solve it, you have the tools (or know where to borrow them) ... quit waiting for someone else to do it, and fix it. Apologize later, if you feel it's needed."

Everyone seemed happy with the ceremony, and it came off pretty well as such things go (if a teensy bit later than scheduled). There were no theological or political mishaps. (Well, maybe one at dinner, but not during the ceremony. A male guest, quite complimentary of the excellent cuisine served at dinner, told the cook, in front of his wife, something like "You're a great cook. If you ever end up single, call me?") We all had a good laugh about that, even if half of them didn't get the joke.

And then there was the whirlwind reception. (This will not be much like the last post about the party, but those of you who keep insisting I should go to Fantasm, or to some party you are throwing, should go reread that one. It's right before the apology, hard to miss.)

In addition to people I don't know and didn't meet (but who may be family), and people I haven't seen since high school or so, there were no less than three pretty young women who I have individually, over the last half-decade always meant to get to know better, and who individually I had not seen for 3 years or so. I got to spend 15 or twenty minutes with each of them, very little time to catch up, and none to get to know them. Of the three, the one I know the best is the least likely to prove deeply interesting (That sounds bad, but it isn't really) and two of them are in long-term relationships. The other has not, as yet, sunk to the level of companionship of any kind (unless you count a long run of sifus).
I dumped a little bit of my moping pitful existence on each of them in turn. Two of them apparently live in the part of Smyrna that _those people_ occupy, and both were trying to convince me to come up there and see them.

I meant to explain then, but here will do. I'm shy, or more acturately socially awkward. I learned to flirt as the default social behaviour (on BBSes and in high school), but I don't know where to go with it, and unless it develops into a long discussion, or someone tells me what to do, I'm at a loss. That, and I'm bad at keeping up with people. It was weird to see that many people in the same place that I know, much less a few close friends together. Even still I mostly dragged some one off to a corner, or other wise skirted the edge of the mass of people (which started dwindling almost immediately after the wedding party arrived). Hrrm. I may have had more like half a hour total with one and 3/4 hour total with the other two. I'm so not good at time.

It should be noted that all three of them could have easily found, or contacted me, over the years, as could I have them (proabably) and did not. And therefore, despite making sure each of them got a meichi, I doubt I will hear from two of them. One of them will read this and pout, beckoning me to that den of iniquity that is Smyrna. *shrug*

I also asked (sideways) two of them some questions about the rite and related things but didn't get any answers. I *know* some stuff that other people don't seem to, even if they "practice", but I don't know how I came by it, or what I know, and as I said,
"I'm too much of a rationalist not to be bothered by a priori shit."
In particular my upbringing had no mention of any of that stuff, and so I am at a loss there. My inability to perceive is, perhaps, a seperate issue.

And (seemingly) lots of people bugged me about the con, so apparently I'm doing a better job of faking some stuff than I thought, or they don't care, or something. I still don't get why they want me to go, or what I'd do, other than hide, read, and hack (which I can do elsewhere, at least sometimes)....And if you don't know/remember how well I don't handle partial nudity, ask about the time we went to Hooters *shudder*. Nice girl, very pretty, but I wanted to rip off my shirt and throw it over her.

Apologies to the strangers, and the other people not seen in years, that I didn't get to say hello even to. Things were a bit rushed, and I was somewhat preoccupied by those three, and avoiding the crowd flow, and more than a little loopy (Yes, more than usual).

It was, as predicted, a crazy day. Keywords: "book pagan", "literary pervert"

Oh, and I updated the post about my eye.
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