November 30th, 2002


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This are the titles from this week so far, and still going strong .. (first column is all from HBOs). The "Turkey vs. Pilgrims" segments on Comedy are really funny, even if they are just ads for Xbox (whose fate the Gord has pronounced, er proclaimed).

I missed the Muppet thing, though. I think that was when I was watching Evolution and the rents went to see Solaris.

And (!) I bought nothing on Buy Nothing Day. Whoo-hoo. I still have an itch to buy a new video game, which Falcon's Eye, although way cool, did not quench.
Neverwinter is still not done for Macintosh or Linux, six months after the Windows release.
(Okay, so apparently the Linux headless server is shipping, but wtf would I host a game I can't play?? And it requires a windows install?? *snort*) Kinda makes you wonder exactly how those hypocritical scumbags were planning on shipping Win/Mac/Be simultaneously for the first three years of development, and what they're smoking up there...

More postively I'm slowly kludging together a small MUX zone, both to work on my builder-fu and as the setting for a small game. More on that later.

Still no email, server. Monday, hopefully.
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