November 22nd, 2002


Time for new cards

These images are on, which is currently offlien due to very localized aptch cable shortage.

Okay, so I wander over to VistaPrint only to find that the template I have been using is gone. *sniff*

So there is this one, I guess:
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but it's .. not so nice really. Maybe the swirl? No, that doesn't look like much of anything (and it's not a swirl either) Swirl is on a different screen there ..

Ooooh, from the less free card templates:
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And then I have to figure out what to put on it. This is the calling card
(boku-no meichi desu) not for a/the business.

The current ones have my name, the alphabet soup and contact data:
mobile number, email, IM, web. Or here, just look:
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