November 14th, 2002

Books is dead's free question and answer service is dead, but they have made
very nice arrangements for the bereaved. In particular, they handed me
database dumps of all that I'd done over there. I now have ugly textfiles of
my FAQS, answers, and profile, which I've put up at

The textdumps are a little tough to read, but there are some fun things in
there, like my rant about the name of a popular mini-firewall package,
countless linking to ESR's hacker howto, and odd security questions.
I should probably reformat the FAQs, and put them up in a readable
form, but not today.

[Unknown LJ tag]
QAId                          : 4543236
Asker                         : uncliggi
Subject                       : IIS and Netscape
Private                       : No
Question                      : I just built an IIS server. When I use IE to go to the page, the
 page comes up fine. When I use Netscape it ask's me for a UserID and Password. I went to Techne
t and microsoft suggest's enabling basic authentication, I do not want to do this.( because of s
ecurity reasons) Is there any other way to get this working?
Answer                        : Ditch IIS for a working web daemon that you have the source code

You'll also have better luck getting advice out of hackers and the like if you use free software
 (free software : free internet support :: commercial software : $$$$$$)

Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm going to go raise my blood sugar now. Sorry.

Suggestions about other such forums, or software for running a small one, would be appreciated.