September 15th, 2002


Old stuff

I have been doing a lot of thiunking lately, and some of it too loudly. I'll try to LJ-cut the less lucid bits with better accuracy.

"Were we still using a dot-matrix printer in 1995?"
--question yelled to the rest of the house

So, it's been an interesting week, mainly in the Chinese curse sense.

This morning too early, Dad cooked breakfast, and we talked awhile, rehashing
some old stuff, and covering some new ground. No new data really, and although he argued well, his fundamental premises are flawed (eg "Failure is not an option.") It doesn't really affect my planning (or spazing, or whate'r).

Tonight (ongoing in fact) I ahve been shuffling through a box, sifting out paper that can be reused, stuff to recycle, and stuff to keep. I have run accross some strange stuff, some fun fun, some weird, and some, well ...

Letters I wrote in high school. (Although in my handwriting and about sitautions and people I recall, I can only remember writing some of them, and they don't seem like me at all in some ways. Apparently I had some emotions in high school. I guess I had much more recently convenienly misplaced that idea.) A letter from femme (two lines per line). A whole bunch of cards and such from the rents. (This box is almost entirely stuff from my first year at college, and some high school stuff.) Countless nearly unintelligible problems and solutions, and some exams from chemistry and calculus classes. The semi-infamous red burger king receipt (total on the ticket $6.66 ) and some letters people wrote me that same year, including a couple bits of poetry, in a crisp rounded handwriting that I hadn't seen in awhile. What may be the last evidence of CSO (chi sigma omega) ever happening. Some old Apple propaganda, including a student price from 1995 for the 6100/66 DOS power mac I just found in a shop today.

There is still a small layer of stuff to sift out, but I wanted to key this in before the sniffles (etc) overwhelmed me or I forgot (compositions tend to escape my grasp easily). Throw out old bank statements and keep old love letters, right?
Well, the nationsbank crap is going with the recyclables, and ...

I'm so sorry I lashed out at you all those years ago, and have been cold since. You know I would never purposefully injure you or cause you harm, and yet in my frustration and confusion, that's precisely what I did. In theory we cross-forgave each over for that all a while back, but .. I just needed to say that after reading the letter, that I'm sorry, and I wish I could do (could have done) better by you.

*sniffle* Gotta get those last few bits out of that bag.
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