August 27th, 2002


Back from Meeting

I just got back from my meeting at a local technical college
and I think it went pretty well. I met with him for less than half an hour, including his showing me a couple of their (spiffy) classrooms. (Small class sizes, identical hardware, projectors, whiteboards and removable drives!)

He has a Linux instructor who will soon be unavailable, and needs an instructor for two security courses they just added. If the security classes make, I will get to teach them (I am led to believe). They are on quarters, and the work is contract hourly, which is fine. Next term starts in October.
(New classes typically take 2-3 terms to start making, but then make regularly, he said.) Most classes are nights and weekends.

Looks like I need to go take the SCNP tests. Wheee!
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