August 12th, 2002


Restless rest

  • crashed at 2, after Lost World

  • woke up and got a cookie to eat at 10

  • crawled back into bed, dreamed (?) until about 1300

  • I need to grow up a lot to justify (wc!) the attention
    she spends on me.

  • We may be a lot closer than either of us realize (or just me)
    but it's better not to bring it up again for awhile..

  • I need some money right now, and some way of making some
    each month/week.

  • I should take a year off school to get money (et al).

  • need to pay 100 USD rent for Aug somehow

  • ideas and images are fading fast

  • bug Bonnie

  • fill out calendar for Connie

  • talk to DeKalb BoE

  • check with Orbit (night stock)

  • figure out how to get a class going at mischa's

  • Current Music
    These Remains -- Thill Kill Kult