July 21st, 2002


(no subject)

Morning: breakfast, more walk, more Paris

  • St Dominique a Maubourg

  • Champs-Elysees a Concorde (Obelisk) Rivoli

  • Rivoli a Les Halles

  • other side of Louvre

stop at Cyberc@fe Paris

    Metro: use green chit, wait no, ushered through gate
    use green chit to exit ?,
    bother someone
    bother someone else
    use same chit again to (enter/exit?) get to stairs towards
    train bays...
    find Eurostar trains, Depature board doesn't say which bay
    hang out around trains until 20 min before train..
    bother someone
    Where is Eurostar terminal? Upstairs.... ?!
    find stairs, queue for checkin at 10 min til
    helpful Eurostar staff filter me out, herd me into passport
    control, security, gate closed use this gate
    open onto balcony with two doors and one doorway on each side
    fellow victim equally confused..
    bother someone
    points to 17 on pavement, points toward front of train
    walk onward
    board at about car 12 on urging of people on platform
    walk through train to car 2, bumping into dozens of people
    help young (Fr?) girls put luggage up on shelf
    bother random powerbook operator en route
    fiddle with Public, apt, E, scilab
    fail to Airport network with random powerbook operator
    fail to find tolkien mp3 local ?!
    eat sandwich, crisps, drink orangina</li>

    wrong (Tube) train from Waterloo
    walk across to opposite platform, wrong tube from Kennington
    ibid, wrong Tube train from Oval, but catch District at Bank..
    wait for a short eternity at putney Br. for 265 bus.. as usual
    gaggle of Italians

    missed dinner, no hot dogs at belfry (because of cookout dinner)
    carbs, starch (remarkable similarity to dinner last night)
    pub -> disco, flight
    sausage pasty and tea from vending machines / one armed bandits
    unpack, key in this

    this bag fairly sucks
    wheels too small, no balance
    handle flimsy, hard on hand (rough edge across top of right
    not designed for use outside of airport and hotel
    luggage salesman on R St Dominique showed me some better bags
    an expandable one (pocket zips out to increase/decrease volume)
    with nice big (2"? dia, 1 1/2 wide ? )) wheels
    a versatile one:
    handles on two sides
    one backpack strap (hideable)
    shoulder strap (detachable)
    nice big wheels (ibid?)
    only 55 Euros ;)
    "I'll have to check with the banker"
    I might have had 55 Euro left then (I dunno what the
    balance is right now..) but can't really spend
    it on luggage, and how the hell would I get it home anyway (I already
    have too much to pack back up, and a small crate's worth that I may ship
    Good to know the design flaws of that bag have been
    overcome / are not common
    Like to buy two, and try to improve on one
    needs motor -> self propelled
    needs throttle/control
    considering ballast tubes/ pouches
    reminds me on Odyssey of the Mind project in
    High School ...