July 10th, 2002


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So, after a fairly distressing day (...) I went with a three other
Georgia students to the Jack the Ripper walking tour (link). It was
pretty cool, walking around the areas in Whitechapel where it all
happened, and the guide gave a good show, discussing a few of the
theories about the killer. after, we stopped for a pint and a bit of
rest at the Ten Bells, (recently renamed from the Jack) the pub where
Mary (victim five?) was last seen alive (reputedly). It is a nice
little pub, much better atmosphere than the Will (9july2002).
Disappointingly, the pub did not have any tourist scwag, save a Jack
book. This is despite the large plaque on the wall listing the victims,
and (reputedly) some comics about the Ripper in the loo.

So, no t-shirt, but I had a pint at the Jack the Ripper pub. Oh, and
we are developing a theory that the Guiness over here is better. I'll
know for sure if I make it to Dublin.

adric, roehampton.ac.uk, 23:41 10 July 2002