May 23rd, 2002


I read as far back as I could...

arie: The fuschia works for you, and for some reason that startled me. Maybe new career opportunities are opening.

nhhyet: Math has always been what you studied, even when you were making it to classes in Cobol and such crap. People giving you friction about that may not actually know you at all. Sociologoly I am not sure about, although we've talked linguisitcs before. You may want to take a crack at my Anth textbooks (after femme).

//if you keep whining about not hearing from me and do not call or email me, I will pinch yoou in a not-so-fun way
if ( whine == "You haven't contacted me!" ) && ( email.from(tinochick) == 0 )
	pinch(tinochick, mean);
elseif ( email.from(tinochick) > 0 )
	mailx tinochick@somedomain ""Long time no tickle, hon! Where you at? -me""

sir: You may have to email me tx of any stuff I haven't yet read. I don't see any stories/screenplays in "friends".

femme: Be very careful around the relatives and the grill (in that order).

voidinc: I'm caught up on LJ but not on 2HC yet. Still got that Pop Sci. I should probably just materialize in orbit around your homeworld sometime, since it's just the one parsec over. Oh, and Wolfram published his book(!). Let me know if you want to have a resume editing/burning rite.

SpaceRent: I've got your fix. You know how to reach me, but it'll cost you. Only the first ones are free, babe.

sayuri-chan: Catch the BeastMaster finale? I won't show for your 24th if you don't do anything to me for my 25th... Although, a session of gaming seems the perfect thing to me...

kendra: Uhm. Did you take the evil lesbian quizzes yet? I need to, maybe you should ..

valoren: Long time no .. Well, I need to check out the new site, but I'm not trying it over 28.8 kbps... Did you ever look at Broken Saints? It's Flash but not evil. Who knew ? ;)

vynil: Lots of green in the wardrobe? Is that seasonal, or ?
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