November 19th, 2001



So, in desparate need of distraction, after class Saturday I bought Diablo (2) and spent two days or so offline playing it, only checking email a couple hours ago (1400 on Monday) .. I was somewhat surprised by the response to the previous post...

And a clarification or re-emphasis, from my email traffic:

It's just, as I tried to say, that running into you again brought things --things to mind that I have been trying not to think about, or at least to avoid dwelling on. Unpleasant things...

[Awkward-er] Er, not that I couldn't think unpleasant things about you (that should perhaps have gone out with the first paragraph...) but these are more unpleasant things. Egon bad on a purely personal level, as it were ..

Still simpler: It is not the individual who made me feel bad.

Or: More like her appearance on my flank caused me to rapidly reallocate resources to refortify on that side, leaving me open to the continued siege war coming from the other side... polygonal fortress ... Okay if that made any sense to anyone else but me I'll be surprised..

Thanks for all the notes of support. They are comforting, and a little bit confusing..