October 1st, 2001


Those who would trade security for liberty

People are willing to give up liberties for vague promises of security because they think they have no choice. What they're not being told is that they can have both. It would require people to say no to the FBI's power grab. It would require us to discard the easy answers in favor of thoughtful answers. It would require structuring incentives to improve overall security rather than simply decreasing its costs. Designing security into systems from the beginning, instead of tacking it on at the end, would give us the security we need, while preserving the civil liberties we hold dear.

--Bruce Schneier, in his Crypto-gram Special Issue

Check out http://www.indefenseoffreedom.org/ and consider signing on, or having an organization sign on.
Contact your Congressional representative (I am without one) and try and explain the issue (pointers in Cryptogram).

I should probably write my Senator(s) instead
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Monday lists

  • phil,
  • amanda,
  • brandi,
  • eden
    make list of crap to buy, prioritize:
  • clipboards
  • so-dimm (for Vicki) ~40
  • underwear
  • socks, and black socks
  • bobby pins
  • compass, case ~20
  • visor, phone, kb 200 + 100
  • hair stuff? (bands, scrunchies)
  • long sleeve tees (black)
  • pj bottoms (black or plural)
  • socks, and black socks
  • notebook hdd (for Brittney)
  • ULC card, placard (SOUL)
  • dad's cards, card case 5 + 10 = 15
  • something to hold the chopsticks
  • openbsd 3.0 ~50
  • DSL router ~30
  • lunch ...
bother clerk of court in Lawrenceville, Decatur get MVR from Moreland $6 ?
  • head unit, harness for 91 Ford
  • shocks for same
  • pulse meter (belt or wrist)
  • liability insurance
  • parts notebook (for Gwyn)
  • old scsi drives (for Liza, 30083)
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