May 9th, 2001


Copied from the back of my hand (mostly)

a list of things I need to do, mostly buy copied here since the version on my hand is already fading into illegibility:

  • blank tapes

  • notebook (finding would work)

  • power (ie (an additional strip, ext cord)

  • snail stuff (stamps, envelopes..)

  • mom's day card

shortly I will need to do:

  • get wed after next off

  • 3x0-103 (last linux test in this set)

  • new resume

  • new calling cards

  • dad's site

  • biz site

Note: I am switching to my email address from the one I have been borrowing. You have been warned.
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BeOS Hacking

It's 3:00 AM (0300),inspired by discussions on BeNewsand armed with the following:

I'm going to see if I can't get farther in the Pitta book than I did the last time I opened it (couple chapters tops ;). It shouldn't be too tough, since I've had two semesters of C++ since then. Of course, if you know cxx you know that means balls ;), and if you know about Dekalb Junior High (aka Georgia Perimeter College) then you realize how screwed I am attempting this.

Ah well, breakfast in three hours or so, and hopefully by then I'll be a little more of a hacker.

Addenda, ~700: I got to the beginning of Chapter 4, quite a bit further than I had managed to read before, and in the process got quite sleepy. That's some think stuff.. (This was after a helphul hacker on BeShare figured out a fatal linker screwup.. )

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