May 7th, 2001



I have this machine (lissa) mostly converted to a server. She'll be serving mail, web, SQL, cvs, and oggs (like mp3) locally. I am playing the first CD I've encoded. I'm using abcde (A Better CD Encoder) which fronts cdparanoia, vorbistools, cddb et al. Oh, and I don't have enough power to move this machine over into the corner. More specifically, I don't have enough to leave this one powered and plug in the new (to me) workstation. I'm still working on it. I'll probably have to buy another strip and an extension wait, there should be another ext cord around here ..

I'll keep a running list of the CDs I have encoded in a separate post.

Other than that, I'm waiting a couple hours (till say 1000 Eastern) before maing a bunch of phone calls. There's some snail that needs to go out, but I'm short of supplies (stamps, envelopes, ..) and barely remember how to do it anyway ;)

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    Tori Amos - Crucify EP - Smells Like Teen Spirt

Encoded so far:

Tori Amos:
  • Crucify EP
  • Silent All These Years EP
  • China EP
  • Winter EP
  • God EP
  • Cornflake Girl EP
  • Past the Mission EP
  • Pretty Good Year EP
  • Caught A Lite Sneeze EP
  • Talula EP
  • Hey Jupiter EP
  • In the Springtime of His Voodoo EP
  • Professional Widow EP
Fiona Apple:
  • Tidal
The Chieftans:
  • The Long Black Veil
  • Post
Sarah McLachlan:
  • Touch
  • Solace
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:
  • Are You Experienced?
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:
  • Hits
  • The Brothers McMullen
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    nin - the downward spiral (halo eight)

A laugh from The Register this morning

The FT describes the ultradense market as "rapidly growing", which may be a tad premature, as it doesn't really exist yet. Statements like that produce a divide-by- zero error on our bullshit calculator. (emphasis mine)
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    silence = time to reboot and encode more

New Dr. Who!

I received today (, and am listening to now ) Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time. This is the first in a series of new audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions, fully licensed from the BBC, and with the original cast. They have kicked out about twenty of them, and I have just got the first.

It's really quite interesting. I'll post a full review when I've heard it all through a couple times.

Check out the site for the new productions!.

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    Doctor Who : The Sirens of Time, Part II of IV

New Quote from the Doctor

Doctor: "Why is it anywhere I go there are people like you stomping around in shiny boots, pointing guns, and asking stupid questions?" Android (hotly): "Perhaps because you don't explain yourself adequately?" Doctor:(annoyed, rapidfire) : "You want me to explain myself, do you? I'm not a delegate. I'm known as the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord from the Planet Gallifey. My TARDIS was recently blown apart in a spaceo-temporal explosion which I imagine is now known to you as the Kergon Wonder. Does that cover everything?"
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    Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time, Part III of IV