April 5th, 2001


Addenda from this evening (non- vital)

Remembered driving homewards, non-vital addenda(sp?) to a long conversation this evening :

At some point in the near future (5-10y or less), the people in question will start producing children, and I will feel responsible for teaching those children as much as I can, even if no one openly tries to put that responsibility on me at that time (and it has been discussed that at least I will be teaching them hacking..)

Thus it could be said that those people, and not a bunch of old, mean, or young and troubled people related to my parents (which concept I have as yet failed to make my mother understand), are my family, and that I am already taken insofar as that goes. There is plenty of room for more people in that 'marriage', but she is not interested nor equipped to deal with it..

Also, to clarify if possible: I see myself as a scholar. The only thing I seem to be good at (jokes aside) is explaining things to people who don't have the time/Time to figure them out themselves. In this role I learn as much as I can about things which can hold my interest so that I might precipitate that understanding to others.

As long as there are still thing for me to learn that I want to know (and perhaps people to teach) this model will keep me in this world.

sleep well, and .. er .. g'luck with whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish this weekend (of which I'm not sure)
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