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Banality for Monday

Vacation is more than half empty. It's been pretty good, but still..

Got out of bed just after Ms Reisitz started up her schtick due to distressing nightmares which I'm trying to forget. Now have good creepy material for cyberpunk work set in third world (sic) jungle, fwiw.

sotto_voce's party was fun and went pretty well. I had a lovely time dodging the party with faire_raven. The worst thing that happened was SV getting ill, but she seems to have gotten over it completely. They did indeed stay in bed all day Sunday and the proof is that she gave me credit for helping to clean (must've posted from said bedroom before coming downstairs ;)

Still more banal: I just finished a bowl of oatmeal as I am out of muffins and cereal and I might actually leave the house for coffeee and groceries today. Maybe. Uncertain about the attendance pattern for tonight, and the D&D 4 books have shipped and the write ups I read were quite positive.

Past the first one, Virtual Villagers made having enough food into a puzzle-fest and it really takes a heaping scoop of fun out of the game to still be trying to get them enough food hours and hours in. I ditched the first village after they died off to 5 people and have started a new one with what I learned from the hints online .. and it doesn't seem to be doing much better yet. Feh


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