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Zon, Naruhodo

Trying to get some studying in on the vacation, while you know, not buying anything new..

This article on Zon was linked to Slashdot's games section. Zon is a beta educational game from Michigan State University that helps with learning Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture. I created an avie and fooled around for a bit with my tonedeaf roundeye skills (ask mangosteen f you doubt) and had a little fun, although it is a bit daunting for the complete beginner. You start off in the airport and there are plenty of things to read about and interact with, including games that will earn you game money ... which you must use to to buy food and Starbucks to stay alive. The interface (for a Flash game) is pretty solid and works well enough. Only the arrow keys and one mouse button are used, afaict.

I also stumbled across a blog which reviews the various language tools for DS which I have been quite curious about: He also includes some other information about learning kanji and teaching english in Japan, an interest many of us share (too late for some, ne ジェウエル? ;)

Less excitingly I showered and scraped a bunch of hair and skin off. Yay? Still scruffy in places, but much improved if stingy.

Tags: jp, zh

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