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And then, on IRC

adricnet: The gas is horrid but my little math experiment is actually most damning because I didn't find a place to stay.
[01:59am] CB: M & I & SJ have places to stay...I wouldn't worry too much.
[01:59am] CB: the hostel across the river, etc
[02:21am] adricnet: Okay, that great to hear, now, at 2 am monday morning. It's not like I've been asking about thi s for weeks in various places.
[02:22am] • adricnet abruptly changes the topic.
[02:24am] adricnet: Okay, so we can use unix-fu to find the big files and delete them (in 12915) if he's willing to try, since he has a root console while X is looping. Right?
[02:32am] • adricnet added a comment to 12915
[02:33am] CB: thx
[02:33am] CB: Are you getting enuf rooming answers?
[02:33am] adricnet: I can try and explain it to him in mail/irc if you want :)
[02:33am] CB: I need to sleep, but just tell me if you need more rooming answers and I will hook you up. 
[02:33am] adricnet: Hmm. I 'm getting answers now, but I'm still pretty anxious. go on to sleep.[02:34am] CB: Don't be anxious.  Just tell me which nights you're shooting for.
[02:35am] adricnet: It's my personality to be anxious so I'm trying to middle-path between freaking out completely 
and hiding and some idealized but unworkable freedom.[02:36am] CB: Just email me the night you want to be in Boston.  Feel free to CC sj@l.o and M@l.o too!
02:43am] CB: G'night!  Oops i typo'd above.  Please email me the nightS you want to spend in Bos..C Ya Soon!

I think I finally got the information I needed by minorly freaking out in IRC that mailing and messaging various people for more then two weeks did not generate. I'm not at all sure what to make of this and I'm pretty sure I don't like the conclusions. I'm so clueless about understanding other people or communicating my desires that I want to stay home, like forever.


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