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Poor communication skils?

But maybe not mine, for once. An email response I received this morning (my mail is quoted in his response):
No. Why cant you fix the alert?


[adric] wrote:
> Hi,
> What's up with these alerts that go 'red' even when they have been claimed? This 
>particularly seems to be a problem with "Assets reported a problem" alerts
> which we (techstaff) can rarely do anything about. 
> Example alert:
[redacted alert link]>
> Can we not have this?
> Sorry for the trouble,

My response was in fairly good taste considering:


I am trying to foster good relations and communication between tech and dev and your 
response made me so angry I could spit. The remainder of this discussion, however 
fruitless, will have to wait until I have calmed down a bit.

Have a lovely day,
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