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Last night in lieu of sleep I..

.. did not yet change the journal's title to that.

I did transcribe the first few pages of Hikaru v1 and then fuss at the kanji that i could find in my jisho. Might have learned one or two, and I actually understand a few panels of the book completely. This felt really great even if it's just stupid stuff. There were various bad things on the telly,of which SciFi's Epoch and some X-Files were the most memorable. I choose not to mention the episode of South Park with the penis in it. Oh damn, meant not to anyway.

Apple called in the noonish hour to tell me my computer is ready. I thanked them and promptly went back to sleep on the couch. Thinking better of it I crossed the house and got under the covers of the bed.

Only a few minutes later I finally met chaosbuzz and proceed to bore him with a recounting of the uncommonly known history of computers while handing him tools. This was no fair trade for his explanations of radiation therapy or socialized medicine. He eventually got his new Dell to recognize almost all of the 4GB of RAM he installed, and they went to bed. The cute waitress, sadly, is underage and has poor choice in friends... and that "diner" has nothing else to recommend it, being not inexpensive, having dim lighting (as a restaurant might have), and closing at 2300. This may well end what seemed an amusing side quest or sub-plot .. unless one of you knows someone at BET ?

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