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Weekend in progress

From irc just now:

adricnet: disney's mailserver greeted me with G'Day. 
I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it queues mail as long you type fast.

Sloppy experiments with time-release dosages of caffeine and carbohydrates continue with varying results. System is definitely exhibiting indications of a chaotic dynamic with asymptotes and strange side effects that are hard to manage by varying the dosage and timing. Translation: Drinking iced Folger's ™ at work does seem to help keep my consciousness above the tide for more hours out of the shift, but I end up snacking more and the coffee-like acid solution injures my stomach. Also when I do get tired, it hits a lot harder and I get really fuzzy quickly rather than fading slowly over hours.

But hey, we have Lorna Doones™ this week. Little foil packets of six buttery sweet shortbread biscuits. Well by Yank standards..

I could've sworn there used to be a Preview button in this page...


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