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OLPC Zine: these weeks on Devel

Discussions continued from April on several important issues, new discussion on old topics began, old discussion on old topics was needlessly rehashed, and new controversies errupted, some of which entirely due to a misunderstanding over the olpc3 buildstream. And all before the 15th...

these weeks on Devel

There were a few posts from folks interested about activity QA and automated testing of Sugar to the devel list (although not to the testing list which is gravely quiet).

You can find out all of the great news from the Nepal deployments at their blog, and can start here: . Be sure to look for their "home-grown solution to the XO charging rack".

Michael Stone presented a small script to activate the stylus pads, starting with this post, and there was a least one reported success with this and the Paint Activity.

Some larger scale Mesh testing has happened, and continues. One report of a 65 node test sparked some discussion and calls for hard(er) data.

And then the discussions which by volume took up most of the posts for the month so far: some concerns about core Activities in newer (post update.1) build trees and Joyride best summarized by this moderate post by Michael Stone, a discussion of the future of the datastore started by this post by Tomeu Vizoso about the new design, and debate on internet filtering software with some new data points about US law and Peruvian law and the same old disagreements about the conflicts between putting censorship software on XO (as might be required by law) and the project's educational mission were rekindled. And not to leave out the big one:</p>

The fate of the Sugar platform continues to be debated extensively on cross-lists threads such as these:

  • Too much "sugar" and too little "coffee": The real risks of failure for the OLPC project
  • [sugar] Sugar\Windows won't ship
  • [] Sugar on the EEE PC
  • An OLPC Development Model
  • [] An OLPC Development Model

Many concerns were voiced over the relative portability of Sugar to other platforms (including other low cost portables on the US/European markets) (and of course to Windows), the portability of standard Linux applications into XO/Sugar (planned, a wrapper is requested), and even of Sugar Activities into standard Linux without all of Sugar (planned). there was even some discussion of software architectures and UI design before that got completely off topic by "several dimensions", in Alan Kay's words. Some good discussion on all of these points was had.

And in a straightforward post "Mail backlog; list moderators needed" that started no discussion at all, Samuel Klein requested volunteers to help moderate the growing devel list please contact him. Other mundane announcements included new (automated) builds of the joyride and faster streams and there was even some kernel debugging, mostly on touchpad bugs.

That's all the time I have for now. Your comments and questions appreciated.

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