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OLPC Zine: What's News?

There's been an awful lot discussed and plenty done in the last month or two, and I don't want to neglect anything ... and I'm almost caught up on the April archives of the devel list.

Seen On Devel:

There's been a lot of politics, touched off by NN's speechifying and Walter's resignation, and rolling from there. This kicked off a pretty thorough if noisy discussion of the technical hurdles of porting Sugar to Linux and to Windows along with a lot of concern and some fairly hot speech about the future of the project, the platform, and the organization. Walter is still active in discussions and is working on his own plans, more about those as they are announced.

So much and so many different political concerns in discussion prompted the creation of a Controversies page just to track them all. Ed Cherlin welcomes everyone to add their points of view so long as they respect others' views.

Almost as political have been discussions about the next release which ranges from what to call it all the way over to what to focus on. None of which yet seem to be resolved. Planning continues anyway.

A paper to be presented at USENIX on the Bitfrost security platform sparked a lot of debate. Although many were critical of the paper it does point out some weaknesses in the mostly as yet unimplemented Bitfrost spec. In particular the paper has some strongly-worded concerns about protecting childrens' privacy.

The first part of the new Sugar UI design has merged in jhbuild and is the recent Joyride builds. I've been looking forward to this since I saw the mockup graphics in Designs. Also, Sugar (stable) was released as part of Ubuntu's Hardy Heron (8.04) release, in Universe.

Wine and DosEMU have been packaged as proof-of-concept Activities.

Surely someone else is covering the great stuff happening in Nepal?


Marches ahead, I'll try later to summarize mailing list happenings other than the Pootle growing pains ...

For future zine content I'd like to interview some SGer's and eventually some localizers.

So, uh, where's that zine blog site again? ;) Thanks, found it!

-- Adricnet 07:31, 5 May 2008 (EDT)

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