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Quick updateiness

Made it through two of the three dates I have this week so far. Had a great time last night and didn't pay much attention at all to Francis Ford Coppolla's Dracula (so far no reports of permanent injury..), had a great time tonight paying rapt attention to the Illusionist and uh .. I am not sure what movie selections are for Thursday night.

Also of slight note: 40K: Dawn of War demo is really quite awesome, and so far fun too. Dreadnaughts, mmmm. Also, it was thereby revealed to me that the Chaos Orks are just chavs ... I'd no idea of that.. kinda splains why the Imperium is set on wiping them out.

And it seems I have finally found the right combination of disk, drive, and perseverance and gotten w2k8 server installed on actual (not emulated) hardware (jetsam). Still need another keyboard, and still not sure a big honking machine to emulate it isn't a better idea, but at least I've finally gotten the beast to install.

Th: She's taken ill and had to beg off. Meanwhile I've got the router setup on the lab and am patching server 2008 (seems the disk that worked was an eval copy so no bothering me for a key). Oh and Steam is pulling in Dawn of War, oops *sigh*


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