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In which thoughts and feelings are provoked

A bit more than a hundred pages into Brin's Earth and I don't know quite what to make of it. It is certainly provocative, blatantly so.

Although I read a borrowed copy of Kiln People in paperback I had somehow missed reading any of Brin's great works until recently. I actually stumbled over his politics through a reprinted, er, reposted, blog entry. After poking around on his site for a bit I was still interested in his politics and had tasted his fiction, so I started poking around on Amazon's used book sellers for some. Thus my paperback of Sundiver and this lucky win of an old library hardback of Earth.

I can't quite recall which post or where I saw it, although it will come back to me. His signature (.sig) was part of what drew me over to his site, quoting from there now rather than memory:

"I am a member of a civilization."


Of course before I saw Brin's quote and even still I am determined to make such statements only of the future. We return now to the book. So far I am inclined to encourage distribution of this novel because of how straightforwardly and sternly it presents current folly with strange optimism. Also, since I don't necessarily agree with the author's politics, it is pleasant to note that (so far at least) he presents the problems without advocating any one particular solution exclusively.

Also it gets grouped with the more recent singularity and clockwork atom bomb stories (FIXME:links), and possibly the telly show Lexx due to major plot features. 21C physics and politics can indeed birth more terrifying monsters than the city-killing atom bombs of the 20C.


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