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LRNJ gets better and better

I just posted over there:
Yikes! I wander off for a few months, and when I check back not only are there new builds, new features, a totally new kana mode and lots more, but there is a book club!

LRNJは だいすけ ですね!

You just got even more of my money every month *clicky*.
Project LRNJ is a video game that teaches you Japanese. It's a little fun and amazing at helping you learn kana and kanji .. and he keeps improving and expanding it, now including logs and discussion forums on the website, and just started, a monthly manga book club. *plug bell* Worth checking out for any student of Japanese, and a interesting successful business model.

So, that is most of what I did today, after everyone I was hanging out with on SL went to bed. Between that and kana mode on Final Fantasy ... I should be able to sharpen my kana and learn some kanji in the coming months. I'm sure you are all pleased at the prospect of me babbling in Japanese more ;)

Egoboo distracts from ennui, ne.
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