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OSNews idiocies
>IT is a cost centre, it doesn't generate anything directly for the business

Thanks for espousing the numbering one wrong-headed stupid thing most people in management "know" about computers and IT.

The opportunities for technology to improve business productivity are vast and broad. If you would let your geeks and developers loose and actually let them work on the problems that affect your business you might be shocked how much good your IT investment could do you.

You may as well say:
"Bugger all of these damned people we have to pay for, can't we find some way to do business without them?"

Of course this idea is popular is business as well now, and leads to such wonders as the US H1-B program, outsourcing, offshoring, and layoffs that start with the competent (who make more) and work down to the less-well compensated. And then management moves onto another project with a bonus for cutting costs, having destroyed your ability to actually do business.

Why do you even have employees^W computers if you don't find them valuable?


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rick_jackson From: rick_jackson Date: March 25th, 2008 08:24 am (UTC) (Link)

The ignorant luddite speaks

(In best mock racist voice) Adric, my friend, I like you. I really value you as a person, but there are some things that YOU people just don't get. Now realize, that when I say, "You people." You know who I'm talking about. Your people, the techies- the mad tinkerers of the universe. You people that are brilliant, but are determined to solve a non-problem to death.
Companies, corporations, businesses are usually big dumb behemoths that barely work. They are coal and styrofoam-fed steam engines that exist for the express purpose of making money. No matter what other bullshit anyone tells you, that's what businesses are for. Not to "provide the best value of goods and services for our consumers" not to "promote a healthy working environment for our team members" you're grown-up enough to know not to believe anything good coming out of a Suit's lie-hole. Companies lumber through the world to make money, everything else is a by-product.
And now the sys-admins are dreaming about the days that the'll rule the planet? Sure and let's let the knitting circle raise, ranch, and sheer the sheep while we're at it. Surely we'll get the best sweaters then- right? Probably not, because I'll bet most knitters (outside of sexual orientation) know jack shit about sheep farming and what it takes to TURN A PROFIT in that business. I'm not saying they couldn't learn, or that the current sheep farming community couldn't stand to update, modernize, look at the desires of some of their back-end users etc. I'm saying that it's apples and oranges to compare the dreams of the knitters and the realities of the business of sheep farmers.
And another thing when the life boat is sinking and there's a nickel sized whole in the bottom, the last person you want to listen to is a mother fucker talking about maps, sails, and the most efficient way to cook albatross. The only people you need are those willing to shut-up and plug the whole, and those able to bail. Techies suck at this. Techies want to redesign the whole damn boat, and tell you why your boat choice was a stupid one anyway. A great and necessary conversation to be had- for sure- On dry land. When the fucking boat isn't sinking. Really I think the best thing for a techie to do is to jump into a sinking boat and plug the whole, and help with the bailing before he/she/it opens their mouth. That is how you win respect, and show people that those prejudices about techies being incapable of working with people are exaggerations. Then after you've done the same "proving yourself dance" that EVERYONE ELSE has had to do to work at (and with) the company you will win a place (small at first) at the decision making table - if you're lucky. It is at that point that you can start litttle by little to do damage control and start gaining a modicum of control over certain aspects of the lumbering beast. Or you can form a techie cabal with all the other techies in the building. Walter Mittying about "Someday...".
adric From: adric Date: March 25th, 2008 12:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: The ignorant luddite speaks

Your issues with techies may run deeper than mine with crap managers and ownership. The point of business to to get paid as much as possible for as little work as you can get away with (hopefully none). Computer tech may not be as good at this as accounting, but most of what the techies do is still legal and non-embarrassing. Mostly. And computers are great tools for miminising work and maximizing profit .. if you actually use them. *shrug*

*time for telly*
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