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OSNews idiocies

>IT is a cost centre, it doesn't generate anything directly for the business

Thanks for espousing the numbering one wrong-headed stupid thing most people in management "know" about computers and IT.

The opportunities for technology to improve business productivity are vast and broad. If you would let your geeks and developers loose and actually let them work on the problems that affect your business you might be shocked how much good your IT investment could do you.

You may as well say:
"Bugger all of these damned people we have to pay for, can't we find some way to do business without them?"

Of course this idea is popular is business as well now, and leads to such wonders as the US H1-B program, outsourcing, offshoring, and layoffs that start with the competent (who make more) and work down to the less-well compensated. And then management moves onto another project with a bonus for cutting costs, having destroyed your ability to actually do business.

Why do you even have employees^W computers if you don't find them valuable?
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