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To not quote Ms. Spears...

Oops? I managed to avoid keeping this one only by sheer force of willpower, and I could tell she was disappointed. *long drawn out sigh* We both had a lovely lovely time. It was really fun, and her confusion was part of that fun .. but .. geez, how the hell do I do that, keep doing that? And in SL time compression, a couple hours real time?

For those who don't get all of the SL references, or have any idea what I'm going on about this time, I will remind the audience that I ended up "going out" with a clarineteess (wc?) in high school because I talked to her on a bus and her friends were thus certain I like her ... and of course I didn't have the heart/will to dispute this and see everyone hurt. Same blasted thing, more than ten years ago, in meat space. It went on for months:

Later that school year, lj-less harper friend asked me how my relationship with the band girl was going. I stated flatly that I didn't know, and she then suggested, with nearly no sarcasm (a great credit to her), that I should probably find out. We gave it up shortly after that, I think I recall. those of you with memories from nearby temporal-spatial coordinates, please correct me.

Goddess, please preserve me from my own inclinations.

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