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Free Dmitri Sklyarov!

Jennifer Granick, Clinical Director at the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society, commented that "the DMCA says that companies can use technology to take away fair use, but programmers can't use technology to take fair use back. Now the government is spending taxpayer money putting people from other countries in jail to protect multinational corporate profits at the expense of free speech."

from EFF PR: FBI Arrests Programmer in Las Vegas
Created Tool that Increases Purchaser's Control of eBooks (at cryptome)

This guy isn't even a US citizen. They snatched him from his hotel room, and are holding him without bond and transporting him to San Francisco.

I am going to go bother a bunch of zines to make sure they are all over this. Tell your friends, tell your enemies and send money to the EFF. John Barlow (of EFF) is right. This is the test case we "wanted" so that we can finally prove that the DMCA is unconstitutional. If we lose this one it's all downhill from here.

Oh, and a ceremonial boycott of all of Adobe's products seems in order. See here for details.

For a short, well written piece on why the DMCA is bad, see this: Copyrights and Copywrongs, an article excerpted from the book of the same title. link thanks to nanbear.

Update 21:13 ET: I am working on a flyer to help people understand the issues at stake. Please help? Look here. TIA.


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