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Weird dreams and then loud thoughts when not asleep

Memories have faded and the plotlines weren't all that cohesive to begin with. Did not seem to get the "it's the last day of school and I haven't finished my English paper" one that has popped up a few times lately. Did have an episode involving my (new) car disappearing briefly from where I had somewhat thoughtlessly parked it for a pickup. Although mine is not a convertible. Or a Beetle, come to think of it. It came back with a note in longhand on yellow legal explaining the difficulty ... but was just devastating for it to be gone when I came back outside. I jogged around the nearby blocks of this indeterminate downtown area for an hour, getting more and more upset. And yes, I am nervous about the car, paying for it, and what all that represents and links to, so that's an easy one. For one I don't see how you can be grown up when the people you work for to pay for things aren't.

Perhaps I should mention that the question of "do you believe your car is where you parked it" has come up a lot in theological discourse. Some days I do believe it, and I am always hopeful it will be there, but I have trouble characterizing this as belief in context because of the political weight I put on irrationalism..

I spent some time pondering the status of things amongst myself and the woman I'm having dinner with again tonight. Eventually i recalled some trivia details from a earlier chat which answered one question. For the rest of it I am trying to play better than previously. I think my best conclusion was to say, "Remind me, in six months, if we are still dating friendly-like, to ask you what's going on." and to enjoy it in the meantime and not worry much. I also conceived of which t-shirt to wear, surely a more important question *snort* and yes, Ill be linking her to this, although she doesn't LJ much.
Tags: dreams, insomnia

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