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Grrr .. credit cards ...

That call was likely actually from American Express, and they will probably now not process a new credit application they received by mail, as I have averred I didn't send one. The supervisor actually seemed to understand why I did not want to rattle off all of my identifying information over the phone in requests from an unknown number and cheerfully called out the phone numbers of the credit bureaus and the US government. It's slightly hopeful.

Now to go poking about to see what's going on. It's about that time of year any way. Just not a fun way to wake up. Update New bulletin: the evil bastards have just about succeeded in weaseling out of the FCRA requirements entirely. They can apparently make you create a login (which you can't reset on your own), reuire you to agree to some kind of EULA, and of course keep the score from you unless you pay them money. What a sad joke.

Of course Terri Gross is currently talking to some expert about the Real ID Act nonsense.

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