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Sorry for not being more curteous to the people in P. Manor just now. I had come in to say good night to everyone as I was ditching the strobel (but not his glassware), but as I confronted the dog, I felt myself quickly growing to rage. So, I called out "Good Night!" and quickly shut (er, slammed) the door.

On a related note: Some people have harrassed me about how repressed I am. In this momnet of clarity I wish to point out how much harm I have managed to generate by not acting and by resisting some actions. With that taken as a measure, I suggest that my potential as a hazard unleased would be quite a bit more..

i have never completely cut loose on any animate object. I have, rarely, and not recently, snapped briefly, just enough to strike once. Only once was that on a human, and it was more than 10 years ago (AFAIR). I really do not know what I am capable of... It is one of the more disquieting questions I have about myself.

As I was driving home (This is silly, right? Tell me it's silly, please .. )I was worry that I might have killed or severely injured the stupid (excuse for a ) dog in question.. and I traced a few threads of the consequences.

So please accept my apology for not rendering greetings to you all, and for slamming the door.


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