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Telly (no spoilage), Reading

  • Torchwood 2x6 "Reset": OMG, squee, huh, wow, OMG. Is that spoiler-free enough? Poor Tosh...
  • Torchwood 2x5 "Adam": Well played, deeply creepy, then merely terrifying ... excellent, hurtful
  • Lost 4x "the Economist": Ah, Lost vol 4 continues to amuse in small and larger ways. The plotting and the story conceit are (one and the same and) marvelous. i actually watched this on the telly on TiVo which is the first time I've done that .. well ever for Lost I think...
  • Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo: Chapter (disc) 2: Acts 5-8 of this retelling of one of my most beloved novels is ... delicious. It's true to the themes and details of the novel (in so far as my memory holds) and the new touches in the science fiction setting are interesting, giving the title character a much greater and more sinister power than he actually has (young Edouard runs away from him shouting "blue-faced vampire!" which he does quite resemble..). The character designs had been quite amazing and pleasing in the first Chapter ... and then there's is the gown Haidee wears to the opera ... magnificent and beautifully animated. (Netflix, but I may have to buy it to make all of you watch it ;)  Flash site at plays a trailer on load and has a few things to see.
  • Feynman Vol I : I stopped short of beginning the chapter on Time (5?) but read through his descriptions of imaginary frictionless machines with only a little confusion. Perhaps it would be an easier sell to a student who had never read of friction or entropy? In any case his explanation of energy conservation made sense. Also, so many particies...
  • Mabinogion Tetralogy: before finally sleeping Thursday, Branwen was wed and back with her husband. (that's about two chapters into the second Branch). I've also got links into translations and probably the original text ... not that I can pronounce much less read any Welsh (Cymmru ?)

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