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FMIF: third day of work .. begins, a touch late

Woke up repeatedly and eventually managed to confuse myself and the alarm clock about what time it was. Watch was still right. Half an hour late.

Although, I did miss one server yesterday amongst all of the madness, it seems, the boys say, to have been calm today, and they were able to clean up most of the remaining messes.

Weird weird dreams. Different woman, light hair, whip smart good with first aid or maybe a doctor/ med student?. Mindspring, in this world, was not murdered but merely got a little depressed when the web boom failed and ... the best descriptor is moved back in with it's mom for a bit ... anyway, now it's being reborn, possibly on the campus of Paideia (?!) and I was there for a meeting when a green beer bottle was tossed into a bin thoughtlessly and one of the splinters pierced my hand. She started cleaning the wound and injecting something into it to stave off infections, but we had to to go into their DC (around several corners) to find a better stocked utility closet. The whole thing was done in MDF, was quite spacious and almost completely vacant. She was impressed by the specs of the DC here at work...

Which seems to be unrelated to the other story which I recall even less of. I was younger (much) and living at home, although possibly with foster parents. My iBook was stolen out of my backpack at school in the gym before classes, and it had critical information on it.


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