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RIP WNNX 1992-2008

In case you missed the news: the shambling zombie corpse of a great radio station (from the late 90s) was put down by it's new corporate overlords with little fanfare today. The news appears to have come mostly from a MySpace post by one of the suddenly let go:

thread on atlanta

The station had long since stopped being any good, but whatever business school those jackasses went to needs some reforms if the account of how they let local celebrity and all-around great guy Steve (of the Steve Show and the House of Retro Pleasure) go is reliable. *rant mode:on* Note to suits: Employees and customers are human, honest. Yes, probably even lawyers. I mean come on people, the alien overlords who took over the cult I was working for a couple years back let most of us leave when we wanted, and some folks even had retirement parties. Is it so horribly costly up-front to treat people decently, and are y'all really too ignorant to understand the consequences of such behaviour? ...

Greed and stupidity, bah. lupaloo seems to have pegged it.

So long guys, thanks for everything!

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