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Well, I did manage to wake up at about eight. Considering various things, particularly the quantity of inertia that is observed, I think it's best if I just sit this one out.

Have a good time, variously, everyone.

Had Muffin1. 185.5. I'm trying to get the laundry, dishes, and rubbish moving along variously. So far it looks like at least two loads each of dishes and clothes, both running one now. ボナス! The kitchen light spirits are feeling generous, and so I may end up cleaning the kitchen surfaces at some point too.

Later, about 3: After getting laundry and dishes started, I spent nearly an hour trying to tech some DirectX bullshit with the new games (Portal for one). Finally I filed a ticket with Steam and logged into SL. The next few hours were spent pleasantly time-slicing between a small SL party with some old friends, and the OLPC IRC channels. And then trouble called and offered to come over.

Meanwhile, the Ubuntu install on the same machine has installed and now booted Portal (in Wine), and is currently experimenting with various visual bugs on the main menu (green splotches). *eyeroll* So, while maybe it is time to buy a new gaming rig, but it's probably still not time to pay for a new windows license.

1: I consider the squeeze-bear of honey a failed experiment. When next i buy honey I will have to buy a proper jar and a honey-spoon-דרעדעל-spatula thing.


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