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And on like that some more

Larped about on #linuxchix and #olpc until I finally was ready to try sleep again at about 19. Woke up at 3 AM or so, checked watxh at 3:30ish, argued with cat and got up at 4. Went downstairs, had a toasted muffin, came back up here and took bath. It's almost 5 am and it seems quite impossible for me to get back to sleep.

I suppose it is useful to have some obvious easily documentable evidence of how broken I am (to more effectively deflect the smattering of compliments and positive attention I might have inadvertently received this year), but really, 3 AM, all week? This week when I have so much to do this weekend?

On ./ re: locked wifi networks (Bruce Schneier came out against them for home use on the Freakonomics blog):

I also don't beam my LAN over RF into their kitchen, car and dog's brain. See the difference? Anyway once meshes are more common this will all hopefully pass away...

It really only seems neighbourly to share, so long as you are taking basic precautions (segmented networks, encrypted protocols, host hardening, etc).

I was heartened to see Mr Schneier's response about not locking home wireless networks. Now for business, it's a whole different dimension of suffering, as I'm sure you know.

Oh, and that's a dumb law, of course. Congress should be banned from making (new, stupid) laws until they spend a few terms repealing the (old, dumb) ones we already have.

later: And now it's almost 7 so off I go to work and related nonsense.

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