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Another day in the, well, day

After my nap at 5 or so I managed to wake up after 7 and seem mostly alert for a few hours while reviewing funny cartoons. And then upstairs to check LJ and crash by 1.

Although I woke up sooner I managed to stay in bed until almost 9. Apparently the Dune audiobook that I put on to go to sleep to ran over into the next book (part 3 of Dune) and the next ... which was certainly interesting to wake up and doze off repeatedly to: Bill Moyers interviewing Joseph Campbell for the audio version of The Power of Myth (from ). Amazing, amazing stuff, just this running conversation about humanity and human culture with Campbell telling stories from myth to explain how and sometime why people behave the way they do.

And then I went downstairs for tea and cereal and have read 40 pp into this week's Economist. I am quite savouring my trial subscription, as this wonderful publication is too expensive for me to subscribe regularly. Reason #734 to adore the Economist: Editorial letters from ministers of various countries protesting their flavour or details of the coverage their nation received (this week, Italy and Romania).

Perhaps I will be able to wake up at 6 tomorrow and go to work. There's a good chance anyway.


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