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Shopping success..

...hardly registers against various other difficulties.

I got the stuff on my list, despite rampant capitalism. I got the bacon that come with a plastic tin. Next time I shall perhaps examine the selections more carefully, for I now already have a plastic bacon tin. I had looked through more than one half-dozen packages of half-dozen eggs when I found one that had no cracked eggs (ie all six spun freely) and no yellow stains (ew). The milk selection probably tricked me, as they have swapped the colours around again, and the green tea selection was .. just silly really. I did buy one non-list item from the two-for-one bins, two sacks of Thomas' English Muffins (sic, neither Thomas', English, nor really muffins... discuss). I threw one sack in the freezer.

I went upstairs last night at about 5 PM to try and nap prior to a evening appointment, and slept soundly for first one, and then another hour ( a brief phone call amidst ended with, "uh, call me back in an hour?" ) and after the next longer phone call, I crashed out completely until about 3. Yes, at 3 am I was awake, and so I got up and went for a walk. And all I have done today besides that walking, and the groceries just fetched, was to play video game (and lose, over and over again to an ai player with infinite resources) and eat occasionally. This rather closely resembles hat I did yesterday after the flurry of activity. Wait was that yesterday?

There are gobs of things happening this weekend, day and night, including work and stupid party and I haven't any expectation of having any fullness of consciousness for any of it. Bother.


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