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Cable modem saga trundles along

So, while I spent a week or so away from home, more or less at random, apparently a repair truck stopped by the house. I got a call from the rents about it this evening around 19:30. They recommended I check the voxmail, as the att geeks want me to reschedule. This is humerous for several reasons. They have supposively had an order for a truck roll (to come out to the house) for either a month or two solid weeks (depending on who you ask) and never have they scheduled it, else I would have know when they were coming (*gasp*) and been there. The other ironic bit is that I don't have any money to give these losers, even if they were to make it work again in July.

This also brings to mind some axioms. All of the time I spent at home the last two weeks and they never showed. This would lead one to mutter: "A watched pot never boils." On the other hand, an old cat who used to live with us, and who was a impatient and foul-tempered old cuss for most of life, was often said to stare at a can of cat chow and a can opener lying on a counter and mutter darkly: "A watched pot boils if it knows what is good for it..."


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