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Hmmm... blah... tidbits

Today started out rather blech, not with oversleeping so much as drowsiness and lethargia that extended past the point where I was sitting up**. Eventually getting online for a bit and then watching Tin Man pt3 did little to ease this (see prev. post). The tea helped some. Oh yes, and then in fuzzyheadedness I double-booked Thursday evening, and I still haven't resolved that.

I felt like I should get cleaned up a bit, and checking the towel supply quickly realized that this would involve laundry as well as a bath .. so with a bit of planning there I started the laundry while watching the bad telly and had clean fluffy warm towel when I got out of of the tub. Well, it was still in the drier, but it was warm ;) This (bath) broke the remaining two of the three self-inflicted water rationing guidelines I was following, although I am perhaps set for another couple months on laundry, dishes, and bubble baths.

Soaked and shaved a bit in the tub and have only just gotten out. I need to shave more still, but I made good progress before the razor slowed to a halt. I hadn't charged it in .. probably longer than since I did laundry, and I think that was in October or whenever news of the manufactured water emergency* started being loud. Tis' plugged in now.

No food today, just tea. Weighed in the vicinity of 186 in pjs, and that was mildly pleasant. Seem to have finally finished the Dark Brotherhood quests in Oblivion. That was pretty cool, and I am pleased to see they spent almost as much time on it as the main quest. The only other Guild I finished, Mages, was a bit disappointing.

Netflix has again brought me a cool movie (V for Vendetta) I don't want to watch alone. May give it a try while the razor rests. Thinkgeek 2-day shipping was indeed zippy. Haven't dne any knitting. It would be good if I had some to show at lesson Wed night, lest I disappoint her with too much knowledge of meager progress (I keep casting on too tight, making the knit stitch quite difficult initially and throughout)

Later: 0900: V movie was good, knitting went poorly, shaving nearly complete, go seepies.

*Cite: "Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine." There's lots of water, we just aren't managing it well.
**These obvious symptoms only tell me what I already know, not what to do about it.***
*** Oops, xantha's post is locked, oh well. A tiny snip: knowing what it is and then having to think about fixing / dealing with it?

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