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Some remarks on Tin Man and 're-envisioning'

Gods I could write pages about this drivel, and not hit anything any of the three varyingly negative reviews did.

But the thing that really hurts is that someone involved in the production read and loved the Oz books. Well, the first one, at least. And yet they participated in this. And were unable to stop it. The Oz trivia fanservice tidbits are so stupid and obvious that it reminds you why this sort of re-envisioning should be banned. Clue: It is safer to be cliched and bewilderingly simple-minded in an original creation. In "re-envisioning" *spit* or fanfic it is many times harder to weave a story that is original, interesting, and somehow still true to the existing material. Also, you only have your fans and otaku to deal with, not, oh, say entire generations raised on the canonical material ("Hi, Mr Lucas, how's life on the Ranch?") who will only be variously disappointed and saddened by your efforts ("Hi, Mr Herbert, Jr, and hello, Prof. Tolkien, Jr, how're things?") Conclusion: If you are a hack (eg if SciFi can afford you around the wrasslin' and the 'reality' shows) please do not sign on to do fan fic or that other thing.

That and that the senselessly fetishized costumes mostly just look terrible. Please, for the love of something, if you are going to design an entire realm's wardrobe around steel, leather, rubber and corsetry, try and make it look .. I don't know, good? Attractive? Not ugly and, uh, dumb? (Hint: when even nameless secondary characters are tripping in their skirts trying to run on cue ...)

So much effort wasted. It can't even be a pilot, I don't think, since what conflict there was is *cough* magically resolved (with a little hacking)... It's not terrible enough to be funny. SciFi hits the sweet spot again somehow making something bad enough to be hard to watch but not bad enough to be worth watching with robots.

Oh, and yes, quit asking, please. The monkey bats do indeed fly out of Azkadelia's tattooed breasts. I wouldn't dare make that up. I do have to wrap this up for my peace of mind, but someone on IM asked that.

The good part? If there is one, it's getting to see the new Verizon ad about 100 times. Oh there it is again *chuckle*

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