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Carl Sagan's ghost disapproves.

Some notes from my place in my reading of the pro-science propaganda masterpiece, The Demon Haunted World*:

  • Bah. The ghost of Carl Sagan commands me to be a science teacher.
  • and then blames me for letting SciTrek close. Argh. Apparently they have one in Ithaca, NY, his home town.
  • Continuing his criticism of how I spend my free time and money, Sagan's shade wields Frederick Douglas to chide me about not teaching adult literacy classes.

Later Sagan criticizes** many other things (sooner, too) specifically the quality of the material on television, with the damning remark: "I haven't even seen a show on how television works, on television."

* A thoughtful birthday gift from kittyglitter which in no way dimishes the impact of the more provocative Zorba the Greek given me by luvadove and of course cosmiclola and I swap bags of books every year, and sotto_voce bought me the only book I ever asked her to, which I of course have not read ... see how this goes nowhere fast?

** Stupid Yankee dictionary wants me to spell words with zeds and not esses, how vulgar.

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