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The Browser Activity (a thin python wrap of xul-runner, btw), like may other aspects of the Sugar software is under rapid development, and features come (and go, and come back :). I'm not sure which build you tested, but there have bookmarks in the Browser activity for awhile. You click the star and the bookmarks appear in a shelf, pic: . Browse home is here: .

By way of discouraging the political flare up that prompted this news post, I would like to point out that g1g1 is an anomaly and not the stated mission or purpose of OLPC. OLPC works with governments and schools to arrange for mass distribution of XOs and support hardware. Customization is expected at the government and classroom level. To wit, they did not design these wonderful devices or their software to be sold to end users, but are giving us a opportunity to donate and get one to help jump start the project.

That said if you do have technical questions, please check the wiki, drop by the irc channel or the mailing lists, or post on this site, and someone will try and help.

On this thread of FUD and ignorance:
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