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Do these thing make sense?

  • I like my job. I actually like the company. I get along with everyone here pretty well, despite having serious concerns about some of their intelligence, work quality, or decision making skills (for example). I do not want to be social with these people, nor be near them when they are drunk, because I want to keep my job, which I like. Therefore I do not want to go to the bleeding company christmas booze-fest thing. I worked through it last year, and was rather looking forward to doing so again, damnit.

  • There's this guy. We get along pretty well and have know each other for many years. He's broke and not working much, and will be out of a place to live at the end of the year. I do not want him to move in with me because I would like to continue to like him, and sharing a small space under strained circumstances will interfere with that. Nor do I really wish to see him cast out on the street ...

I'm still on good terms with recent ex-bosses, despite one Christmas party. I'm still friends with all ex-roommates, but less so than before we lived together in every case. It is not so much that I'm a terrible roommate (?) but the fact that money easily poisons things and tight spaces increase effects and sensitivity.

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